In this project, the aim is to create a world with its own history, geography, and internal logic. We began brainstorming for ideas and a system in which each student could elaborate upon, and ended up pursuing the concept of a post-apocalyptic, post-capitalist marketplace built on repurposed freights. We aimed to create a fanciful and imaginative environment while referencing and satirizing contemporary consumer culture.

Em Guczal - Plant Shop

Carolina Solis - Panera Bug​​​​​​​

Arlo Schafman - Mushroom Shop

Ceci Budzyn - Target​​​​​​​

Zee Gomez - Hot Topic

Julian Alarcon - Kissing Booth

So'l Fuller - Fortune Teller​​​​​​​

Bella Wolfe - Jewelry Store​​​​​​​

Victor Luis Garcia - Exotic Goods Booth

Jenna Lozano - Pet Shop​​​​​​​

Aidan Bell - Snake Oil Peddler​​​​​​​

James Uphues - Weapon Shop

Imani Saucedo - Plague Shop

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