I’m at a loss for words waiting, waiting, waiting 
I spent the summer before I embarked on this body of work, alone. I began to understand myself better and needed a way to express that. I found that listening to music helped  liberate my mind and free myself up to experiment with time, space, and light. I began to explore the notion of myself/selves while altering my home to create surreal spaces. I allowed the music I played while photographing to guide the atmosphere of my pictures. After a while, creating still images began to feel limiting. I wanted to immerse the viewer a bit more in my experience and constructed reality so I began working with the moving image. I hope the videos I’ve made encourage meditation and self exploration among my viewers.

Swimming in the ocean

I should maybe go on go through

But is there something more than that

eyes not in the usual deep silence of cherry coloured


finally some new sh_t

it's just a feeling


Everyone else is imaginary

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