My form of art is bringing the unusual visuals to tell a story and giving it a sense of dreamlike qualities with my color choices. I call my concentration series “The Good and Bad”. It originated from the idea of creatively displaying my subjects' personal distractions, including mine. However, it took a different course. I started drawing on a spare sheet of paper in class, and it came out wacky and colorful. That became a gateway to express my thoughts, imagination, and humor. I also began to experiment with collage, colour pencil, and graphite. A piece I’m currently working on is called “The Way It Makes Me Feel.”  I incorporated a lot of bright vivid colors to symbolize the music I listen to which gives me a relaxing and joyful feeling. It's very flamboyant with its flow, attention to detail, and boldness.
Can't stop, Won't stop


Hot Head

Queen of the Sea

Queen of the Sea Part 2

Women's Pain

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