My concentration is about my interests in nature and myself. These coexist in my work, showing personal growth, reflection, and internal conflict. In my artwork, I am connected to not only the subject but the environment as well. Family members, pets, plants, places that are peaceful, the viewer is in my shoes looking into my world.

I use plants and animals because I have always had an interest in biology. Growing up I got into drawing because of how amazing the natural world looked to me. Plants and animals are easy to understand and they have layers and layers of complexity, history, and patterns, like myself. The animals and plants symbolize my affinity for exploring the world, and my relatives are very much a part of that world. The people in my paintings influence me because I look up to them, admire them, and they are a part of my family history.Ā 

The action of making the art itself is experimental, playing with strokes, application of color, and style. The painting of my uncle Paco shows this, but also expresses how I see a lot of myself in him. The painting of myself surrounded by my aquarium fish shows the sense that I can feel lost in a relatively confined world sometimes. I use reference images for my fish and plants but improvise in the aspects of light and water in my painting.

Balloon and Amazon Swords


Man on Cliff

Other Paco


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Top Gear Vietnam Study 2

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