Everyone has a story. A daily life that is filled with joys and troubles or love and loss that we may not know. Not one person is living the same life as another. Because of COVID19 I have spent the last year  with my immediate family for our own safety, In response to this constraint I have come to the realization that, though, my family is a part of my everyday life I have lost sight of who they are or what they have been going through as I’ve been hyper focused on myself.. In an effort to reconnect with my family members I have taken my relationship with them as the subject of this series. In addition I aim to make  the strange ways in which time has simultaneously expanded and collapsed during this pandemic visible. To that end, I employ long shutter speeds and digital photo montage techniques. My hope is that my photographs alter the viewers perception of time while offering a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” version of our lives during this unusual time.
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