I use my work to explore feelings of fear or uncertainty. It is also occasionally about other people’s fears. I am scared of things because I don’t understand them, and making pieces about my fears helps me to explore them. I put myself in my paintings because it is a reflection on my own fears and how they are crafted by my own mind. An example of this in my paintings is my piece titled “Alley”, where there is a figure standing with a sledgehammer in a dimly lit alley. The painting is about my fear of being in danger. My alley is not dangerous but my brain imagines dangerous scenarios. When I’m the person threatening myself, it points out the fact that the situation is an exaggeration and that my fears aren’t real. I used dim lighting to make the viewer uneasy because it makes it hard to see details. The use of saturated and unnatural colors also adds to the eerie atmosphere.






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