AP Drawing and Painting
When it comes to art I struggle with my originality. I always work better with a given prompt, so coming up with a topic that would inspire a year's worth of work was a bit of a struggle. With this in mind, I allowed my concentration to be based off of ideas that I would subconsciously create in my dreams. My dreams are incredibly detailed and vivid and sometimes I cannot even stop or pause them when I wake up, as they continue seamlessly when I fall back asleep.
      It's a bit hard to reign in specific details so I focus on working with imagery that relates to the main topics of the dreams. I also utilized a fictitious alphabet. I myself have an incomplete understanding of my dreams, so I convey it with illegible text. While the viewer may not ever know what the texts read, this alphabet is fully translated. The text could also be utilized as a pattern so to speak, and is at one point used as the entire background for a piece.
     The piece ‘Savior’ utilized a lot of imagery accurate to the dream. Essentially, I along with a few others were trapped in a realm separate from reality, a pond being the only way back. In the piece the hands crawling out are my own.
      The other piece ‘Truth’ was based a story of a game of murder. I assumed my position the entire time was that of an innocent survivor as I spent most of my time running and hiding. But at the end, it was revealed I was one of the murderers. In the painting, the white lambs and I stare into a mirror to reveal our reflections. Mine was shown back as the face of a goat smiling back at me; I had fooled the lambs.









wearable sculpture
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