AP Drawing and Painting
In my current Visual Arts concentration, I am spending time analyzing my nightmares. Throughout this concentration, I have been over-emphasizing the lighting and saturation. This allows me to create a more suspenseful feeling with each piece. So, I will take an ordinary object, such as holiday garland, and adjust the lighting and colors. By doing this, I can “flip” the perspective of the viewer --who might typically associate garland with a happy, celebratory setting-- and present a view that is more ominous.  To inspire this unsettled feeling, I also adjust both the angles and perspective of the pieces to make it more difficult for a viewer to understand what they are looking at. 
I experiment with different media, such as charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil, as well as watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, and water-based oil paint. For this concentration, I combine media for some pieces. For example, I use watercolor as a base, with colored pencil layered over it, which makes it easier for me to fill in large areas, but also to emphasize certain areas. This layering draws the viewer in, while simultaneously unsettling their view.

A Colorful Winter



Looking Up



Experimental Animation



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