Riveting Revival

Church is a haven, a place where I am able to rid myself of bottled-up emotions without being judged. Since I was a child, I have always been surrounded by the comforting sounds of people speaking in tongues, moaning, clapping, and praying. Devoting my time at church on Sundays with my family is a tradition.

During my freshman year in high school, going to church became less of a priority though. My connection with God became distant the more time I spent away from church. I prayed less and became more unappreciative of church. At that time, my parents grew apart from each other. It wasn’t until the start of my sophomore year that they officially separated. As a result of my parents' separation, I began attending two different churches. On my first Sunday back at church, I felt a sense of discomfort; it had been a while since I had attended church. A minister who I had never met before, requested that I stand if I felt comfortable doing so. I stood, and she began to relay a message about me that only a supernatural power would know. Slowly but surely, my connection with God grew closer. I began attending church more consistently. 

Over time, I developed a burning desire to capture the effect of God’s  powerful presence and people's response to Him through worship. My work makes a statement that My God is a real, powerful Being and not a fictitious character. In addition, my work captures the worship experience as a serious and life-changing interaction with God, not to be made a mockery of at all. My work reflects the true worship experience of a community of Believers.

Divine Connection


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