AP Drawing and Painting
During my time at ChiArts I have begun experimenting with mediums such as charcoal, watercolor, and colored pencil, and different styles and textures. Conceptually I enjoy painting portraits and love the idea of being able to show human interaction through pieces I have made. My concentration is focused upon different ways I show affection to family and friends. The idea of affection and what it means has made me realize how unique it can be from person to person. My work explores the ways I show affection, and the way I perceive it from others. 
The piece titled “Revolution of a Broken Heart Pt. II” is what I consider the heart of my concentration. The burning of the letters I had written to an anonymous person creates a narrative that is mysterious and heart breaking. Writing letters is my favorite way of showing affection because they can last forever, but sometimes keeping them for too long will prevent you from moving forward. For me seeing them burn left me to feel like I was finally letting go. That was the same feeling I had while creating this piece and all of the others in my concentration.

Afternoon Coffee

Love is the Secret Ingredient

Mommy and Me

Revolution of a Broken Heart Pt. I

Revolution of a Broken Heart Pt. II

She Loves Me

sequential art
wearable sculpture
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