In my work I focus on depicting spaces that I feel are linked to black culture and my life on the Southside of Chicago. Growing up, with art as a part of my life, the black art I would see usually had a political message connected to it.   As a part of my work, I am interested in presenting everyday spaces, such as beauty supply stores, corner stores, churches, etc, so even non-African American viewers can visually understand black space and its importance in black culture.
In my piece entitled “Beauty Supply Store”, I use a mixture of colored pencils and chalk pastels to showcase an essential business in the black community. Beauty supply stores provide black women with products made for them that you can't find in your normal stores. It's a part of our culture that has been around for decades. Though it may be unfamiliar to most, it's ordinary yet meaningful to the black community.  Another place I feature in one of my drawings is a black owned restaurant named Harold’s. Harold's Chicken is a classic Chicago chicken restaurant that was founded all because the fast-food industry avoided establishing large restaurants within the black community. Overall I try to use my work to showcase things that are not only important to me, but to the black community as a whole. 

Childs Play

Beauty Supply

Corner Store


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