AP Drawing and Painting
My concentration is centered around an action-packed sci-fi genre I have been developing since my childhood. I wanted to create a narrative where I can be the hero of my own story. For my concentration, I chose watercolor for its organic feel and flow when creating a scene. Along the way, my works transitioned into a more cinematic feel by enhancing my color palette and composition. I not only explored the main narrative, but explored a range of subjects within the story such as environment, characters, and design. The story is set in the distant future set in the year 3021. Instead of depicting the typical advanced technological utopia, I wanted to create a more ominous aesthetic. I took into account the conflicts that may arise in the distant future that would send us back into the dark ages. Conflicts that we could experience in the future are crises, famines, war, overpopulation, and environmental disasters. In this imagined future, there is a setback to a medieval socio-economic hierarchy where dystopian qualities exist. I wanted to elaborate on the idea that revolves around Mark Twain’s iconic quote which is, “History never repeats itself, but it does often rhyme.”

Westport Capital, WCK

God of Steel



Ice Breaker


Operation Dawn

King Cobra

Devil’s Advocate

Experimental Animation

Gear Man

King's Row

Aura Wielder

sequential art

The Black Sabbath

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