Being Honduran, a country from Central America that is underdeveloped with a lack of representation has created a foundation of cultural appreciation and estrangement. Living in Chicago, away from my ethnic community, I live in a situation where I borrow from many ethnic cultures to create my own cultural landscape. I often research my family’s history in an effort to have a better understanding of their experiences as a method to understand my citations as the first generation. My community plays a big role in my identity and it is the focus of my work. My work is informed by having a vulnerable and honest perspective of my experience. I often find myself using found objects, clay, jewelry wire, fabric, clear vinyl for my experimental work. In my practice, my goal is to honor the women in my community that has impacted my life as a way to strengthen those bonds and tell the narratives of endurance and resilience to their lives.


Something to Remember

wearable sculpture
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