In my concentration, I focus on something very near and dear to my heart, dreams and hallucinations. More than half of my life has been spent either sleeping or being tired, so when I had always been fond of keeping a dream journal, and because of that, I got used to writing all my dreams and hypnagogic hallucinations down, albeit in very choppy and short sentences such as “April 17, trapped in an alley of books”. Not much, but just enough to remember everything that occurred. These little anecdotes aid greatly in the creation of my works.
Each work is a personal documentation of a dream and or hallucination. All of the works are done in watercolor and colored pencil. When I start a piece, I first think of how I can best translate a dreamy feel into a static image. Usually I make this possible with color and opacity choices, such as mixing greens and purples into backgrounds, giving the illusion  that it doesn’t take place in the conscious world. Along with color, the composition also gives away that the work is not meant to take place in a usual setting, such as in Free, a self portrait that shows a third leg emerging from the knee of the figure. Another instance of composition is that of a dream would be in Maestro, where the bright and flashy colors mixed into the figure, as well as the background, give away that only such odd mixtures could be fantasy. It is a truly invigorating experience to document the imaginary.


Bohemian Man O’ War


Raspberry Pi

Walk Through Walls

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