Being put in a mental institution for seeing “People who aren’t really there”  is not really a good thing, but thats what Rath has to go through. As he struggles in the facility, there is dictator-like head Nurse, and later deal with the inner workings of the Hospital. He has to survive the outer world and the inner torment in his head and get out sane.
This story has spiraled to something completely different to what i started it as. At first, I  knew i wanted the chapters to start with quotes, but I had entirely different characters and stories. The quotes didn’t fit with those characters and changed them to the cast you see now. The inspiration for the bace of this story and Rath and following characters was a song called “The Mind Electric” it pushed my initial thoughts on the story. But when creating characters, sometimes they just have a mind of there own and change how the story plays out.
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