Through concept and world-building artwork, SYMBIOSIS aims to show a world in which the degree that humans are synonymous with technology has reached an oversaturated and aggressive state. While the technology certainly has provided advantages which many civilians embrace, it is clear that advertisements and invasions of privacy may be more rampant than ever.Ā 
With this project, my goal was to create a cohesive world with a distinct visual style and language. From characters, to objects, to environments, every piece needed to share stylistic elements while also varying in color and theme enough that each piece itself felt unique. While initially the plan was to create more sequential narrative pieces to accompany the concept art, the latter process was more enthralling and it was ultimately more fulfilling to conceptualize more things in the world to round it out rather than tell a story with the same three characters.

City Skyline

Civilian Concepts

Drone Concept

Hardware Concepts

Kade Study

Sam Hitchcock Study

Symbiosis Page 3

The Confrontation

The Minister Study





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